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Changing Conditions

a Miami Lakes sprinkler installation tech is adjusting a sprinkler headEvery season demands different irrigation and upkeep strategies to keep your yard in the finest possible condition all year long. The Miami Lakes sprinkler installation team have a crash course on what to do to cope with each season.

Every season has its own fluctuations in temperature, precipitation, moisture, humidity, and countless other factors that can adversely affect the health of your landscape.


a close-up with a sprinkler head in summerYou will need to fertilize and prepare for the dry conditions to come in the months ahead.

Have your Miami Lakes sprinkler installation pro come to your house to test for proper irrigation coverage in all of your irrigation zones. Proper calibration is very important during the dry season.


a technician is checking a sprinkler headThis is the time you will need to start preparing for winter. You may have to increase irrigation at this time. Really make sure that your system is ready to go for Winter, and that there are no issues with the timer, sprinkler heads, or pump.


Winter brings cooler conditions and dry air. You will need to be very careful about the amount of water used, as winter is the easiest time to overwater your lawn.

a rotary sprinkler between flowersSpring

Start by putting down mulch, shade and ground cover in order to protect bare soil from the heat and direct light of the sun. This will help lower soil temperatures and help retain water during the dry season. With a little extra fertilizer you should have plants that make strong roots and a hardier quality.